#1. Print out what you’re working on:
If you’ve been staring at the same block of text in your word processor for a long time, your eyes won’t be fresh. You’ve gone over the text so many times that your brain makes it easy to gloss over any problem sentences or paragraphs.

By changing the context in which you look at the words, you’ll be able to give yourself a fresh perspective and read the words as if they’re new to you. You can also try adjusting the margins, line spacing, or even the font to help you see your writing in a new light.
#2. Read what you’re writing out loud:
Sometimes we find ourselves blocked because something is wrong, but we don’t quite know what it is. By reading what you’ve written out loud, you can better understand the flow of your words and sentences and pick out areas that you stumble across.

By giving a voice to your words, you’ll be able to better hear the way other people will read it. You might even find that it’s helpful to record yourself doin - created on 2020-01-14 17:42:53

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