I need to tell you something interesting.
I have my daily routine, I run every morning barefoot and if it's colder I'm running in the shoes but on the last meteres I take off my shoes and go barefoot.
So. Today evening about half past 11.00, I felt the I need to go for a walk, barefoot of course. And on this walk I passed a sitting couple, aged 30-40, and suddenly I hear.
- "Excuse me sir"
(my first thought was: probably they will ask which time is now, but I did not take the cellphone)
my respond unsrely: Yes?
- "Could you tell me why you walk barefoot after running (Sir)”
my respond: ..... long silence (I was in schock) and then in very polite way i said: because I like it (it's not the end)
so she next
- "Because there is a group of residents and we wondering what is the point that you walk barefoot after jogging?" (in this was real interest)
- (my shock continued) my spontaneous respond was: hahaha, big laugh and a question: a grou - created on 2017-09-07 01:28:17

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