We often find our closets overcrowded with clothes we rarely wear. And of course, more than often, we find ourselves spending ages to find that favorite item we wear all the time. This “7-day-closet” will help you set out what to wear week by week, featuring your favorite outfits, for your working day, holiday, or for whatever occasion that suits your mood.

The design is versatile to suit each person’s unique style: the pole can be rotated outwards, making room for longer dresses or pants. The drawers are designed for more casual outfits that can be folded on top of each other, so you could simply pull out your favorite design from the stack.

Everyone plans ahead what to do week by week, so why can’t we do the same with clothes?

Name : 7 day closet
Brand : Millimatter
Wood : Oak
Dimension: 950 x 400 x 1570 mm
Designer :
Jakkapun Charinratana(Golf)

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