A Shark A Day - the Book
Project: With my daily illustration challenge in February, I tried to capture my love and fascination for SHARKS - aiming to make people see how I see them, and feel inspired to help in protecting sharks from extinction.
My humble "mission": to raise awareness for the urgent need of these amazing animals for our love & respect.
With each drawing I uploaded, I wanted to add a little information about the true nature of sharks. And with every shark-fact I researched, the fascination only grew. More and more it became clear that it wasn't enough to just raise awareness of the vulnerable situation of sharks and our ocean's health. I had to find a way to help more directly.
Lacking the resources, expertise and budget to make a big impact myself, I decided to put together this illustrated book about sharks and sell it to collect money for donations.
50% of the profit of this book will be saved for donations. By means of symbolic ado

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