Crested Cockatoo: The necessary materials for weaving small cockatoo: -Seed beads # 10 black, yellow and white colors, -Brass wire 0.3 mm in diameter 1. For the manufacture of small cockatoos need wire length 1 m (0.3 mm), for a large cockatoo- length of 2.2 m (0.4 mm). Parrots are performed on one sample. The first three series do flat and round off in the form of the top part of the beak. the fourth number is lower. 2. Pappus form parallel to the upper rows of the head for this use one end of the main wires (see diagram). For the manufacture of flat wings and voluminous feet use separate pieces of wire stretched through the ranks of the torso. Using one end of wire legs form three fingers (the flagella). Then pull the wire through the penultimate bead legs and shape the rear finger (two rows of one thoroughly).

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