Using the bag & ladle method paraffin treatment:
For single-use treatments to moisturize the skin, but not to perform a therapeutic treatment.
1)Cleanse or sanitize the foot or hand
2)Apply any balms or hydration product of your choice. Do not use any products that will heat up on their own such as icy hot, biofreeze, capsaicin, etc.
3)Roll down the top of the plastic bag forming a bowl
4)Holding the bag near the unit, ladle the liquid paraffin into the bag. 6-8 ladles for hands, 8-10 ladles for feet.
5)Immerse the clients hand or foot slowly into the bag of paraffin. Feet are much more sensitive to heat than hands so go slowly.
6)Pull the bag up on the leg or arm and holding with your hand tighten to keep paraffin from leaking out.
7)With your other hand, move the paraffin around in the bag until the hand or foot is fully coated. You will not be able to build up the layers of paraffin with the bag method as you can with the classic dipping method.
8)Put on the insulated m

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