Paraffin is a drug-free, non-invasive method of applying heat to relieve muscle Stiffness and joint pain. The physiological benefits of heat are numerous. When heat is applied, the blood vessels expand bringing more circulation to the affected area, increasing healing nutrients and oxygen at the cellular level and removing waste products that cause inflammation and stiffness. A temporary increase in the pain threshold, a decrease in muscle spasms and an increase in flexibility occur significantly benefitting the outcome of therapeutic range of motion (ROM) exercises. Topical heat also results in an increase in skin pliability. Warm paraffin may facilitate all of these heat related benefits and is often prescribed in the post-inflammatory phase of injury and for chronic pain conditions such as arthritis. Paraffin remains soft and pliable for up to 4 hours! Therapists have used the soft wax to exercise the hand for a more intense therapy. Talk to your doctor to see if paraffin therapy is

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