My Talking Sticks are personally crafted with an individual in mind. They each have a theme associated with the person they are made for, and come with a framed tablet describing the Stick and the meanings behind. An example of one of these descriptions is reproduced below, but please remember they are very personal so each one will be different. If you'd like me to make you a Talking or Healing or as a gift to someone close to you, please send me a message so we can open a communication and I can find out your true needs. The Talking Stick shown here has the theme of "Coming Home”. It is crafted from a piece of naturally-spalted Ash found on our farm. People of the Native American tribes believe each type of tree brings meaning and Ash symbolises peace of mind, sacrifice, sensitivity and higher awareness. It is a reminder that all things are connected, even if we don't see the connection initially. Ash “the Enchanter” reminds us to move forward with gentleness and stren

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