These Orangutans Just Can’t Seem to Comprehend Why We Need Palm Oil | One Green Planet - Palm oil production has destroyed 90% of the orangutan’s natural habitat. They rely on the forest for food & shelter. Those who do survive are forced to nest on palm oil plantations & palm producers who view these squatting orangutans as pests, kill the adults on the spot, & sell the babies into the exotic pet trade, where many perish. In the past 10 years, the population has decreased by 50%. An estimated 50,000 orangutans have died in the past two decades. With only 6,300 individuals hanging on to life in Sumatra, the remaining orangutans are left to ponder why we even need palm oil, particularly since it's higher in saturated fat & cholesterol than other oils. Rampant deforestation in this area is also responsible for 1/3 of global carbon emissions. Despite billion dollar net worths, companies like PepsiCo, Kraft, & McDonald's use palm oil for its low price.

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